• Dental Practice in the Treatment and Management of Sleep Patients

  • Posted on April 26, 2019
  • Sleep is powerful as it gives the body ample time to rest and recuperate. For people with sleep apnea having a quality sleep is a problem. In fact, it does not only affect sleep but the overall well-being. It is a life-threatening disorder characterized by pauses in breathing which could last for 10 seconds and even longer.

    One of the classic symptoms of sleep apnea is snoring. Less evident symptoms can be detected through history taking and thorough assessment. Other symptoms associated with sleep apnea are lethargy, easy irritability, morning headaches, and dry mouth secondary to open mouth breathing during sleep.

    Sleep apnea problems are often first detected by the dentist because they are usually in contact with their patients more frequently than other doctors. If the dentists notice symptoms of sleep apnea, they will send the patient to a sleep specialist. If the patient is diagnosed with sleep apnea, the patient can opt to return to the dentist to receive dentistry treatment approach.

    The dentist approach to treating sleep apnea

    The treatment and management approach to sleep apnea vary depending on the extent and severity of the disorder. Mild sleep apnea can be managed using behavioral changes such as quitting vices like smoking and excessive alcohol drinking, modifying a sleeping position, and lose weight in overweight or obese patients. Mild to moderate sleep apnea is best managed by wearing a dental appliance during sleep. The dentist will design a dental appliance similar to a mouth guard and custom-fit the appliance so as to reposition the jaw and tongue and improve the flow of air.

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